Herbaltides was established in 2014 at our Headquarters in Spondon, Derby. UK. We value honesty and integrity. So our company offers the best products on the market, made in the UK by people who care about what they do.
The perfect place to get everything you need for vaping – from e-liquid flavours that taste just like your favourite foods or drinks to mods with customizable features so you can design a device tailored specifically for yourself! Contact us today if there is anything we can help with – our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions

Herbaltides offer discounts and deals; new product ranges often. You can follow us on our social media accounts at Facebook, Instagram, or our social blog.

Yes, Herbaltides always have various vape deals; you will see most deals detailed on your buying products. Such as Buy 2 get 1 free, and you can claim free e-liquids with certain vape devices.

Absolutely we do; for NHS and Emergency services, check your Bluelightcard app. For Military Discounts, check your Servicesdiscount mobile app.

Yes, we have a vape shop in Spondon, where our e-liquid lab is. Check our vape stores page for more info.

No, unfortunately, we do not sell other brand e-liquids. We only sell our brand of manufactured e-liquids from our lab based in Spondon, Derby. UK.

At Herbaltides, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. (AMEX not accepted Online). In our stores, we accept those outlined plus Cash. For Wholesale, we accept cards above and also BACS (Faster Payment).

On your card transactions, it will be detailed as ” HERBALTIDES.”

Herbaltides use Royal Mail for delivery services; we offer Tracked 24, and 2nd Class non recorded delivery. For all Delivery terms, please visit our Delivery/ Returns page.

Currently, we only deliver to the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.

All items purchased via Herbaltides will be in plain packaging, including large boxes for large orders, and for standard orders, we use padded and sealed envelopes.

Please get in touch with a staff member to correct a delivery address within 1 hour of your order. would you mind calling 01332 987 597 or email

Please see all related delivery information on this page.

If you are in the UK and haven’t chosen tracked Delivery, please allow up to 11 working days for your parcel to arrive; if this time has passed, please contact our customer service team on 01332 987 597, who will be happy to help.

Once your parcel has been collected and scanned by Royal Mail, you will receive a text or email with your tracking information. You must supply your number and correct email address to receive these notifications.

‘Complete’ means that your order has been dispatched from our lab and is now on its way to you.

Potentially yes, if you need to cancel your order, please contact us within 30 minutes of placing your order. Unfortunately, if you place your order over the weekend, your order will likely have been dispatched before we can cancel it. However, we can help you arrange a return. Our team are available Monday – Friday 9-5.

Don’t worry; we can issue it for you. Just drop us a message with the flavour/strength you would like, along with your account details.

On kits, batteries, mods, and tanks, we offer a 6-month warranty. Atomizer heads / Pods are a consumable item so carry a ‘dead on arrival warranty. Chargers and leads carry a 12-month warranty.

Public Health England released a study that found vaping 95% safer than smoking. Scientific studies are still ongoing, and the outlook is good. You can keep track of relevant information through our blog.

We calculate you can save up to £3,800 a year by making the switch to vaping. However, this does depend on many factors, such as the devices you use and the volume of e-liquid consumed throughout the year.

The most recent studies have shown that the risk of passive vaping is very low. It’s been proven to be 95% safer than smoking, and those who vape say they feel less tense or stressed after a session, which can lead to healthier living overall.

We as a company have always had a very strict over 18 policy. However, now it’s the law, so it is illegal to supply vaping products to anyone under 18.

We know it may seem daunting to find the right e-liquid for your rig, but we’re here to make this decision easier. With our range of liquid flavours and vaping accessories, you’ll be sure that you can get exactly what’s best for your needs. Just stop by our Spondon Vape Shop or contact a member of staff who can assist you.

We have a great blog piece on this subject, and you can visit it here; MTL OR DTL. 

An e-cig is a handheld device that vaporises liquid for inhalation. It can come in the form of an analogue or electronic cigarette, and it’s made up of three parts: rechargeable battery, tank (containing vape juice), an atomizer (which heats up to create vapour). Easier than you think! See our New To Vaping page if you’re interested in switching over from smoking cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are about freedom. There is a perfect e-cig for everyone out there, and with such a wide range of choices, you’ll be able to mix and match until finding your ideal vaping setup!

Several factors determine how long it takes to feel the effects of vaping, and these can depend on personal preferences. You might want to call our customer service team, who will be happy to guide you through your purchase or explore our Starter Kits page, where we have advice tailored specifically towards new vapers.

Variable voltage is an exciting option for those who want to ramp up their vaping experience. It allows them to control the number of volts being supplied, which can be good if you are trying a new flavour or refilling your atomizer head and need that extra bit of power.

Vaping with variable wattage can be done thanks to its ease-of-use features easily. You don’t need any special knowledge about volts or liquids–select one from those offered (usually 3) which best suits what kind of experience you want before pressing fire!

VT vaping means you will never have to worry about overheating your coils again. Previously, without temperature control, the risk of this problem was high. Still, VT has been drastically reduced thanks to constantly monitoring changes in coil resistance caused by heat change and adjusting power applied accordingly. In addition, they designed specifically designed coils that allow for a target temperature setting on Fahrenheit or Celsius so you can continuously monitor if they are running too hot or cold until everything is just right!

What more could you want? The ability to vape your e-cig while it is on charge. We have the latest devices with passthrough capability so that you can enjoy vaping without having to stop and wait for a battery recharge!

You’re going to be vaping like a champion when you use your e-cig with the ability for sub-ohm vapers. The lower your resistance, the more vapour and flavour will come from each puff that you enjoy!

We do not promote e-cigs as a stop smoking device. Instead, they are an alternative way to get the nicotine that your body is craving.

The best way to get your nicotine fix without all the dangers of smoking is with an electronic cigarette. You will not have to worry about lung cancer, heart disease or any other health risks related to smoking because you are getting a much safer alternative that still has plenty of flavour options and can even be ordered in different strengths.

We do not advise vaping while pregnant and always recommend talking with your GP.

Developing a taste for tanks? We have the perfect solution! Whether you want to store your juice in bulk or carry it with ease, our tank section has something for everyone. If you are struggling to pick one out, call customer service, and they will help guide you on what is best suited for your needs.

The variety of options for tanks is astounding. Different sizes, styles, and colours allow you to find the perfect tank not just for your style but also for compatibility with an atomizer head or cartomizers.

Most e-cig tanks are cross-compatible, meaning that people can use them with any other tank of the same size and type. If anything is different in them, it will state exactly what those differences are on their individual listing page or description text.

Here at Herbaltides, we are committed to providing only the best for our customers. All of our flavours have been tested, and all of them produce a high-quality vapour that will meet your needs in every way possible. We take pride in knowing what you want before you even know it yourself!

We do not recommend strong menthol based liquids in plastic pod tanks, leading to poor performance and leakages.

You will no longer have to worry about carrying spare batteries with you when going out. Because the e-cig battery is sealed inside, it can be charged and maintained easily on your own without relying on anyone else.

Not only can you enjoy the convenience of charging your electronic cigarette battery with an adapter, but a removable e-cig battery means that no matter where life takes you, there will always be a backup. So imagine being able to take this lightweight and convenient device anywhere without worrying about whether or not it’s been charged!

If you vape often, you can drain the battery quickly, and it is important to keep spare batteries on hand.

The capacity of your vaporizer battery may have a significant impact on how long each charge lasts before requiring another recharge or replacement.

A lot of people have misconceptions about how long a rechargeable battery will last. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy question to answer since it all depends on different manufacturers’ quality and type of batteries. Some models may only last 300 charge cycles, but others can go up to 1 million!

People often forget that most versions aren’t identical in their purpose or efficiency levels. Hence, you need to take caution when choosing similar brands with slight differences in pricing options.

This totally depends on the device you are buying; all devices have a product description that clearly details what type of battery you should be using. For example, this could be the 18650 or the likes of the 21700 battery.

The best way to enjoy our delicious flavours is by vaping them with an e-cigarette. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered if you prefer the old fashioned methods too! Here are 3 ingredients in every bottle: the UK produced diluent, pharmaceutical grade nicotine and flavour concentrate.

At its most basic, nicotine is a poison. However, in our e-liquids, it has been so diluted that there are no real risks associated with the substance.

You’ve probably heard that vaping is healthier than smoking, but what about nicotine? First, Vapers should know how to choose their preferred strength of the liquid. If you’re a beginner who smokes 20 cigarettes a day, start with 18mg/ml (1.8%).

Those starting on sub-ohm or variable voltage and wattage devices might want lower levels of nicotine, which can be found at 3mg/ml (.3%). Whatever your preference may be for liquids’, there’s something here!

Yes, all our e-liquids are fully tested to meet UK regulations.

Your average vaper will consume 2-5 days worth of e-liquid in one week. The most popular type for consumption is 3mg nicotine. Still, your mileage may vary depending on the vaping settings like “wattage” or types of vape juice with higher levels of vegetable glycerin and food-grade flavourings.

This depends on how much you vape and what settings you are using. Generally, a 10ml bottle lasts about two to five days for standard vaporizers, while people who sub-ohm high VG liquids could go through it as quickly as three hours (although many users report that they need more liquid per day).

If you’re not able to get your device charged, it’s time for some troubleshooting. Start by checking if the charger is damaged or plugged in properly. You may need a designated e-cig adaptor and USB cable that are free of external damage as well! If all these things check out, call our customer service team at 01332 987 597 to help take care of this issue.

Tank leaking is a common problem for vaping enthusiasts; this may be due to drawing too hard on the tank and filling it with more fluid than can vaporize quickly enough. For best results, take slow, steady draws between 3-5 seconds long instead of shorter ones which will cause your atomizer’s life to shorten dramatically or even burn out altogether.

Check your settings. Ensure the atomizer head installed is in good condition and replace it if needed; ensure that you have a fully charged battery before drawing from your device, take slow, steady draws to get the best results.

This is either because your e-cig settings are too high for the atomizer head installed, or you need to replace it. So switch out that old atomizer with one of our new ones and try again!

If your atomizer is flooding, don’t draw too hard. If it has been in for a while or if you’re filling up the tank, that’s when these things can happen more often.

If you’re coughing and spitting out e-liquid, it’s not because the liquid is bad. Instead, there may be condensation in your mouthpiece that needs to be wiped away, or maybe there are settings on your device that need adjusting.

For instance-if an atomizer has been spit at but still turns into a plume of vapour when turned back on after turning down some power levels from maximum heat flow (or wattage), first check for any build up inside the mouthpiece like paper towel residue before making adjustments if this doesn’t work!

Your atomizer is constantly receiving power from your battery and working hard to vaporize the liquid. As a result, it will get warm, especially if you’re vaping it continuously, so just set it aside for a moment if this occurs.

Ensure the contacts on your charger are clean; make sure there is no e-liquid anywhere near any part of the charger. Still not playing nice? Our chargers all come with a 6-month warranty against the manufacturer’s faults, so if you’re still having problems after following these steps, then please get in touch with a member of staff to help you.

Your battery should never get too hot to touch. If this happens, place it aside and call our customer service team for advice at the first sign of trouble.

This really depends on what you prefer, but it is worth noting that the atomizer head also has an effect. It would be wise to read your user manual for your device and ensure you are using a compatible one.
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