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Fruit Flavours

Fruit Flavour Concentrates

HEAVEN KNOWS - 10ml / 30ml / 60ml

Heaven Knows highly concentrated flavour blends have been created so you can make world class e-liquids in the comfort of your own home! Use the dropdown box to select your flavour and pick your size.


NEW! Berry Mix - Blackcurrant & Blackberry [Mix ratio ~20%]

Island Fruits - Pineapple, orange, mango and passionfruit [Mix ratio ~20%]

Forest fruits - Strawberry, blackcurrant and blueberries [Mix ratio ~20%]

Lemon & Lime - Lemon and lime [Mix ratio ~20%]

Fruit Mix - Kiwi, strawberry mix [Mix ratio ~20%]

Melon & Pear - Melon and pear [Mix ratio ~20%]

Strawmelon - Strawberry and melon [Mix ratio ~20%]

Mixed Grape - Perfect three different grape mix [Mix ratio ~20%]

Raspberry Mix - Three different raspberries mix [Mix ratio ~20%]


Mixing Ratio

Most of our concentrates should have a base mix of around 20% flavouring, this can be pushed up to 30% to make extremely strong tasting eliquid, but 20% will usually more than suffice.



This product is NOT eliquid, yet! Making eliquids with our concentrates is easy, for a full guide of what you will need and how to mix, click the link above.

INGREDIENTS: Propylene Glycol, Flavourings.

Herbal Tides liquid is manufactured in a clean room laboratory at our HQ in Derbyshire. We use only high grade ingredients to ensure our products are always of the highest quality. We have been mixing since 2009 and treat mixology as a science, we take great pride in producing our products and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Let us know what you think in the reviews or hit us up on social media.

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Fruit Flavours

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