Tobacco Products Directive, what do you know?

Tobacco Product Directive

Herbaltides only provide e-liquids that pass the TPD regulations, and have passed safety and quality standards in the UK. But what do you know about the Tobacco Products Directive?

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) or European Tobacco Products Directive (EUTPD) (2014/40/EU) is a directive of the European Union which legislates the sale and merchandising of tobacco and tobacco related products across the EU. The TPD aims to ensure a high level of health protection for all European citizens. The Directive became applicable for all EU Member States on 20th May 2016.

TPD covers the manufacture, presentation, and sale of all tobacco related products including cigarettes, roll your own tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. In order to address this situation, the European Union and its Member States have taken various tobacco control measures in the form of legislation, recommendations and information campaigns.

To summarise, the policies for the TPD cover many aspects, most importantly the regulation of tobacco products on the EU market. With a wave of restrictions aimed at protecting the end consumer.

So what are these policies?

The TPD regulates; packaging, labelling, and ingredients along with advertising restrictions for the sale of tobacco products, the creation of smoke free environments, taxation measures and preventing illegal trade.

The Tobacco Products Directive introduced a new set of rules regards to e-cigarettes.

  • Minimum standards were introduced for the safety and quality of all manufactured e-cigarettes and refill containers known as e-liquids.
  • Information to be provided to customers as so they can make informed and sound choices.
  • An environment that protects those that are under the age of 18 from using e-cigarette devices and e-liquids.
  • That no company claims medical benefit for vaping products including devices and e-liquids.
Tobacco Products Directive Regulations

So what are the specific Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) rules?

The new rules were introduced in may 2017, and impacted all products relating to nicotine and vaping.

  • Restrict the maximum volume of nicotine containing e-liquid in a single container (bottle) to 10ml
  • Restrict the capacity of e-cigarette tanks to no more than 2ml
  • Restrict the nicotine strength of e-liquids to no more than 20mg/ml
  • Have packaging that is child-resistant and tamper evident
  • Not contain caffeine, taurine or colourings
  • Be submitted to the MHRA before they can be sold
  • Include relevant warnings and information
  • Include no claims of medicinal benefit when marketing the product

What about the 100ml E-liquids?

100ml e-liquids are available to buy as long as the product contains no nicotine, they still have the same information on the e-liquids regarding ingredients, however as they contain no nicotine they do not have to be subject to the MHRA.

These e-liquids are sold effectively in a 120ml container, which allows the consumer to purchase nicotine shots separately. The customer can then choose to add their required strength of nicotine into the 120ml container. This is pretty much standard practice across the vape industry and allows consumer to purchase larger volumes of e-liquid.

Want to know more about vaping then why not check our our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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