HT Spondon Vape Store

Our first vape store based in Spondon, with ample parking to the front of the property, customers will find all Herbaltides e-liquid ranges, vape hardware and e-cigarette kits, expert advice and great customer service.

Vape Stores

Herbaltides One, 117A Dale Road Spondon, Derby. DE21 7DJ

Mon - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 3pm

01332 987 597


HT Chaddesden Vape Store

Dear Customers, 

As you maybe aware our Chaddesden shop has been closed for the last couple of weeks.

A business decision has been finalised, and unfortunately the Chaddesden shop will now close indefinitely.

Due to the Pandemic and changes in business, our online platform has grown immensely, staff have been pooled into dispatch to meet online demand, due to this we realised that we can do so much more for our customers from one central hub. So we now have our Spondon Shop still open, along with our lab and dispatch departments all in one place.

This in turn helps us achieve better products, offers, productivity and customer service. 

We would like to thank all our customers from Chaddesden and hope that you continue to visit our Spondon shop or shop online with Herbaltides.

Warm Regards

HT Management 

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