Vapers Guide to Covid-19

Vaping and Coronavirus: What you should know

As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses and our lives, we are learning very quickly that we have to adapt to change. Hopefully Vaping is an important part of your life, hence why you are here reading this. You maybe thinking of how the vape industry is adapting to meet your ongoing needs.

Herbaltides like many other vape business are pro-active when it comes to these changes, and no matter how frustrating it is opening and closing our shops, we strive for customers to have access online 24/7 to all the e-liquids , hardware and vape accessories you need in these unprecedented times.

So let’s take a deeper look in to whats happening in our vape industry.

Vape politics during Covid.

So let’s address the elephant in the room: Fake vaping news, yes even in a pandemic we still see vape related stories that vaping poses a risk to those that choose to vape. We have seen phrases like “Vaping increases the risk of Covid” or “Vaping gave me Covid”, not only are these alarming to read, but completely unfounded non-sense.

The American anti-vaping contingent have tried their best to link vaping to an increase in coronavirus risk. Luckily for us in the UK, the advice from Public Health England has been resolute and clear. Rosanna O’Connor, the Director of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs stated,

“There is currently no evidence that coronavirus can be caught from exposure to e-cigarette vapour.”

Covid and our retail outlets

With 3 National lockdowns and almost a year of restrictions in one form or another, UK businesses have been feeling the effects of Coronavirus. Public facing businesses, like vape shops, are once again closed to the general public. However business that are operating online with e-commerce have some of those pressures relieved to some extent.

Vape businesses like many others are forever adapting in the scope of this pandemic. Luckily we have been allowed to introduce Click and Collect, and carry out Royal Mail deliveries to keep our customers vaping through this difficult time. As changes by Government are announced we make the necessary changes to keep our staff and customers safe.

What about Hygiene and vaping?

Whilst we have adopted Government guidelines in keeping our shops, lab and dispatch clean as a whistle. Let’s not forget about your vape equipment that you use on a daily basis, the cleaning of your vape device is just as important as any other surface or object that comes in touch with your face, (Just thing of your Mobile device) it’s pretty much the same thing.

The simple use of anti-bacterial wipes for your device, tank, mouthpiece and even your bottle of favourite Herbaltides E-liquid, right down to your batteries. Frequent washing of hands, and cleaning of your devices such as vape, mobile device, even the glasses you wear on your face, will help deter COVID infections.

Simple sanitation is the key!

Vaping more than you normally would

Let’s face it, a hell of a lot us are now having to work from home, with the kids kicking our feet and work piling up. You may notice that you vape a lot more than you would normally. A lot of factors that produce this kind of behaviour is the result in change, we have never spend so much time indoors.

From the stresses and strains, anxiety, our mental health. We find ourselves picking up our devices more than usual. If that is the case, try leaving your device and vape stuff in another room, use a timed lockable storage box while you work or even educate your children.

If the cravings are getting worse, try and take some vape breaks at certain times during the day.

How can you help your local vape business?

As we continue this Covid journey, it is very important to know how to support your local vape business, in fact any business during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Continue to support your local shops when they are open for business, if a lockdown is in place, as it is at the time of writing this, continue to support your local business by shopping online. Be mindful when using click and collect, wear a face covering to protect those staff members, therefor ensuring that your local vape shop stays in operation for everyone.

Send words of encouragement to the vape staff, via social media and of course continue to leave feedback and reviews on various platforms like Trustpilot, Google, Facebook etc.

Be proud to say you did your bit for local businesses.

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